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Training Needs Analysis

About the Service

By reviewing your organisations training requirement by conducting a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) you can identify any knowledge gaps that need to be filled , whether this is with the introduction of new equipment, processes or skills. Once identified, you will be able to prioritise your future strategy and, as it can change the culture of the company, is the most important stage in any training design.

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  • Identify and advise on areas of skills and behaviour needed to advance
  • Identify achievable objectives and training solutions
  • Avoid irrelevant or outdated training
  • Produce a training performance statement
  • Produce a workplace training statement
  • Produce a residual training gap statement; and
  • Return on Investment (ROI).

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Adding value and opportunity as you move forward either as an individual or a company by helping you to identify your problem areas, create solutions and initiate change allowing you to achieve your goals.

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