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Ensuring Operational Capability Through the Quality Assurance and Delivery of Training

Elevate Your Security Career with HZL's Close Protection Top-Up Training

Stay ahead in the dynamic field of private security with our comprehensive 3-day Close Protection Top-Up course. As regulations evolve, ensure you meet the latest industry standards for license renewal. Enhance your skills in physical intervention, door supervision, and terror threat awareness. Join us at HZL to maintain your edge in the security industry and be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.


Penetration Testing

What are the benefits of Physical Penetration Testing?

Physical penetration testing is a fundamental aspect of any professional security operative’s plan. It is the confirmatory element that allows operators to consolidate their planning, risk assessing, threat awareness, physical measures, technical systems, and security protocols. Additional benefits include:

  • Identifying risks of security breaches, loss of sensitive material, and equipment
  • Gaining a realistic understanding of your security through simulated attacks
  • Assuring clients of your commitment to security and compliance with regulations

The process involves capturing open source intelligence and conducting a confirmation reconnaissance. Planning takes a threat-led ‘outward-in’ perspective, it assumes that the planning team only know what they can find out from reconnaissance and / or a realistic insider informant. Following the penetration testing a comprehensive report with recommendations for improvement is produced along with identifying good practice.

HZL also offers The Level 4 Award in Physical Penetration Testing Operations (RQF), an OFQUAL regulated course designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to conduct authorised and effective physical penetration testing on client sites. In today's ever-evolving threat landscape, physical penetration testing can help your organisation stay prepared and secure.


What are the benefits of using HZL

HZL offer a consultancy service in identifying areas for skills development in both the vocational and the occupational environment. We have a wealth of experience in supporting organisations that want to set up as a training centre to deliver Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) courses with the emphasis on:

  • Education, Training and Assessing
  • Internal Quality Assurance of the delivery of training (IQA)
  • Protective Security and Risk Mitigation industry related courses
  • Medical, First Aid and Mental Health First Aid courses.

HZL also support, advise and develop both task and job analysis and will produce competency, capability and career frameworks to support those organisations that are planning to progress and expand.


What are the benefits of a professional qualification?

Professional qualifications raise knowledge, skills and performance and transmit an important message about you by demonstrating:

  • Your level and range of expertise and knowledge
  • Commitment to your career and interest in raising personal performance
  • Enthusiasm and motivation for your area of work.

In today’s super competitive employment arena, professional qualifications can help you to stand out from the competition and give you an edge when applying for that new job or internal promotion. Another main outcome of a professional or vocational qualification is an increase in potential earnings or salary. Professional qualifications not only hone your current skills and practices but also help you to gain new skills, recognition from your peers and better contacts in your sector.

Why Choose Us?

HZL was formed in December 2000 because we believed that there was a more interactive and productive way to involve the client whilst delivering adult learning and operational support.

Whether the delivery is directly by HZL to you as an individual, or to your organisation, or by your own in-house delivery team, it is important that training provision is both engaging and effective. Without audience participation training can become stale and unproductive, which is why our team is made up of trainers with incredible and varied life experiences that will not fail to engage. 

HZL have the training capability to deliver quality assurance of training and assessment, assessment of vocational and occupational competency and the delivery of education and training qualifications. We can support you in producing the quality assurance requirements that are necessary to allow you to deliver the qualifications that support your company or training delivery needs. We can produce training needs and job analysis to ensure you are compliant in your chosen field of expertise that will support your organisations career framework.

HZL take pride in their commitment to each and every learner and by achieving a professional qualification with us you will have the ability to stand out from the competition, giving you the edge and the potential to open more doors to opportunities in today’s super competitive employment arena.

HZL also offer a consultancy service that can support your organisation in producing a training and development framework to  ensure that you as an organisation, or centre, are compliant with the requirements within the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) and whichever Awarding Organisation (AO) you are aligned to whether in the security field, construction or rail industry. Our consultancy services are also built around ensuring your internal requirements are relevant to your needs and will constantly maintain positive results.

  • Experienced and empathetic training and delivery team

  • A centre for recognised Awarding Organisations including City and Guilds, QNUK and Qualsafe for delivering Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) courses

  • Proven ongoing support provided

  • Adding value and opportunity as you move forward either as an individual or a company by helping you to identify your problem areas, create solutions and initiate change allowing you to achieve your goals.

What our clients have to say

  • I’m happy to share that I’ve obtained a new certification: QNUK Level 4 Award In Physical Penetration Testing Operations (RQF) from Qualifications Network!

    A really thorough course ran by Al Prescott from HZL.

    Took part in a complete end-to-end physical pentest covering the development of a brief, performing open-source intelligence gathering, reconnaissance techniques, finishing with a physical pentest utilising social engineering and intelligence gathering techniques - gotta love getting new skills in.

    A really great week - it was also cool to work with people of different skillsets and combine my cyber security background too!

    - Jack J, LinkedIn
  • In order to enhance my professional development and explore its applicability in a Close Protection (CP) environment, I recently completed a comprehensive Physical Pen Testing Operations course provided by HZL Specialist Solutions. 

    This course provided me with practical, hands-on experience in simulating real-world scenarios to assess the effectiveness of physical security systems and offer actionable recommendations for enhancement.

    By undertaking this course, I have further fortified my expertise in security risk management and broadened my capabilities in safeguarding organizations against potential threats.

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the instructors at HZL for their invaluable expertise and shared insights, which made this learning experience truly enriching.

    I highly recommend HZL Specialist Solutions as a reputable training provider that go above and beyond.

    - Ryan D, LinkedIn
  • On the Level 4 Physical Penetration Course with HZL, delivered to a very high standard working alongside other like minded professionals in the industry. Learnt lots of new skills and now looking forward to putting what I have learnt in to practice. Excellent week and would reccomend this course for the security professional looking to develop their skills.
    - marcus shaw, Google Review
  • HZL first off 5* is not enough for this professional training company, Al Prescot and his team provide an outstanding level of education and development, I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs security based training. First Class!! Just completed my PI instructors refresher and came away with a new fresh outlook on the delivery of this course.
    - Vaughan O'Sullivan, Google Review
  • On my 2nd day of 3 on the Close Protection top up with HZL Group. I'm finding this a very good course it is full of good content and the ratio of trainer to student is second to none. Would totally recommend these and will definitely use them again.
    - Ben Diaper, Google Review
  • I attend HZL Physical Pen Testing course in London last week. Prior to booking the course I had done lots of research to ensure I was going to be being taught by the very best... I was not disappointed. The other people on the course were from various backgrounds which was a strength in itself. There was limited (but enough) theoretical instruction before we started the practical learning of what it takes to be a physical pen tester. I look forward to putting my new skills to use in the future. It was an extremely enjoyable week, I learnt lots and met some great people. HZL are the market leaders and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and look forward to what the future holds. Thanks.
    - Marc G, Google Review
  • Recently attended the Physical Intervention trainer course with HZL. Was really impressed with the way the guys interact with learners and explain and deliver the program.
    - Adam Redfern, Google Review
  • Adrian D attended Pen testing course. Thoroughly enjoyable with the team presenting the training. Brought a different perspective to security and highlighted the importance of testing people, processes and technology to enhance and adapt security measures to identified risks.
    - Adrian Donaldson, Google Review
  • I would just like to say a big thank you to Al Prescott and Penny Dunford and the team of trainers. I found the Close Protection top-up course to be very helpful and interesting. The team made the course a very enjoyable and supportive experience. I would highly recommend any company to use HZL for any training needs.
    - Premier Security 247, Google Review
  • CP Top Up course completed plus necessary First Aid qualification with HZL in Derby ready for the Sia licence renewal. Why HZL? Well it wasn't just the competitive price. From the pre-course admin through to the excellent quality of the instruction, everything was spot on. Previously completed instructors courses with HZL so I had no hesitation going back to them for further training.
    - Brenden May, Google Review
  • Completed the CP top-up 3 day course with HZL. An excellent wealth of knowledge was delivered from the training staff with an open approach to ensure a great learning environment was given. I would and will highly recommend to anyone needing to refresh their skills or even learn something new. Great Job!!
    - Rob Park, Google Review
  • Completed CP top-up with HZL. Fantastic company and the training was delivered in an excellent manner. All the staff were extremely helpful and the required support was provided at all stages of the programme. Would definately reccomend.
    - Mukesh Saroy, Google Review

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