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Our CONDO Training Course

Welcome to your first step towards mastering the essential skills for civilian contractors in defence operations. Our CONDO course is specially designed for those seeking to work or currently working in military operational environments. It's an easy-to-understand program that prepares you for the unique challenges and responsibilities of this field.

Whether it's grasping military procedures, ensuring top-notch security, or understanding the importance of strict compliance with regulations, this course has it all. You'll learn to blend seamlessly with military teams, handle risks smartly, and contribute effectively to mission success. Start your journey with us to become a well-trained, security-aware contractor who can confidently navigate the complexities of military operations.

Who This Course Is For

The Contractors on Defence Operations (CONDO) course is required for civilian contractors working on defence operations or intending to do so. It is designed to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand and comply with the specific operational and security requirements of working in a military operational environment.

The Importance of CONDO Training

CONDO training is essential for civilian contractors working within military headquarters like PJHQ. Here are a few reasons why CONDO training is significant:

Operational Understanding

CONDO training helps contractors gain a better understanding of the military's operating environment, including its structures, procedures, and protocols. This knowledge enables contractors to work more efficiently and effectively in the military operational environment.

Security Awareness

CONDO training emphasises the importance of security measures and risk management. It educates contractors about potential threats, security procedures, and how to protect sensitive information or assets. By promoting security awareness, CONDO training helps protect contractors.

Compliance and Adherence

The military operates under strict regulations and guidelines to ensure operational effectiveness and safety. CONDO training ensures that civilian contractors know these regulations and understand their responsibilities to adhere to them.

Integration and Collaboration

CONDO training encourages contractors to integrate and collaborate effectively with military personnel. It fosters an understanding military culture, terminology, and values, facilitating smoother communication and teamwork between contractors and military staff.

Risk Mitigation

The military aims to mitigate risks associated with contractor involvement by training them in CONDO. Contractors well-versed in CONDO can identify potential hazards, report concerns, and take appropriate actions to prevent or address them. This ultimately enhances overall mission success and safety.

Overall, CONDO training is crucial for civilian contractors to operate efficiently, understand the military environment, comply with regulations, and contribute to the success of military operations. It helps create a cohesive and secure working environment for all parties involved.

About Our CONDO Course

This course will address the essential elements of personal and corporate risk assessment, alongside risk mitigation focussing on the physical and psychological risks faced by employees working in those areas where a higher level of personal, group and team awareness must be recognised.

HZL offers those personnel deploying to Permissive and Non-Permissive environments that have been designed to meet the obligations under DEFSTAN 05-129 and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) DEFCON 687.

The course is delivered by HZL trainers with extensive operational and training experience in various locations world wide.

The course covers the following

  • Country specific security and threat brief
  • Cultural awareness
  • Situation awareness
  • In country travel, journey management and where applicable use of MOD transport
  • Working alongside internal and external security (close protection teams and military personnel)
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threat awareness
  • Explosive ordinance and mines awareness
  • Minefield extraction drills
  • Hostage and kidnap drills
  • Environmental health
  • Medical and first aid training
  • What to do on different forms of attack and;
  • Scenario based training

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.
What does CONDO mean?

Contractors on Defence operations. This is a requirement for organisations who employed as contractors by the Ministry of Defence (MOD)

What does CONDO stand for in the military?

Contractors on Defence Operations. Non Military contractors who are working on military projects in an operational environment.